Dear Lizzie and Joe

I want to write and say a huge “thank you” for the real support and tangible help that you gave me in my quest to reduce my monthly outgoings on my Fidelity Life policy.

With your guidance, and your actual, hands-on assistance in dealing with the Insurer, I have been successful in having removed ALL of my loadings on my premiuims.

I can now afford to continue having life cover – a huge relief to me as I plan my retirement years and spending of capital in my remaining years.

The knowledge that any asset spending that we Do do will be replaced by my policy when I die is a great comfort. And all due to you and your company taking an interest in me and my case.

I am most impressed with your operation – I won’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends.

Keep up the fantastic work

Brian Wilson - Northshore City, Auckland
Futurisk has been amazing at helping me get my medical and life insurance. They came to my home at a time that suited me to discuss what I wanted in insurance, then did all the hard work in getting a policy for me. It hasnt been easy for them and they have gone the extra mile in getting it sorted out. They have kept me informed every step of the way. I couldnt have done it without them, I would have given up months ago. Thanks futurisk !!!
Kylie Whitcombe - Roslyn, Palmerston North
I already have an existing Life Insurance when an Adviser from Futurisk approached me. The Adviser, Carmela Laylo was very friendly, accommodating, flexible, well-versed and gave us an in-depth explanation of insurance cover and the requirements needed to achieve the cover we wanted. It was then that I understood the importance of proper health assessment which I did not undergo from my previous insurance. At first assessment, I did not qualify with one insurance company due to health issues. Never losing hope, the Adviser forwarded my case to another company for reassessment. This time with positive result. I am very grateful for the efforts and persistence of Carmela; it gave me much confidence that I am assured of my insurance!
Rhea Villocido - Palmerston North
Awapuni, Palmerston North

Dear Futurisk and the team,

We were delighted to host Futurisk Insurance at our home and we would like to thank you for your expertise in noticing we were paying far too much on our Life Insurance.

Because of this you were able to reduce our monthly payments, plus offer us far better overall health coverage, which will give us peace of mind going forward into the future.

Having you actually come to our home is a great asset as we get to talk to you, and the team, face to face and understand, sometimes, complicated workings of settling on a tailor made Insurance, which benefits the individual and allows a more flexible cover.

Once again thank you for your help and experience and we would be happy to recommend you to our friends and their friends in the future.

Well done Futurisk!

Lester and Flora Gaunt - Hawera
Hawera, Taranaki

"I have multiple insurance policies via another insurance provider when I happened to have a discussion with Carmela regarding my search for the right Medical insurance plan for me and my Family. Not only had she gone out of her way to accommodate my crazy schedule, She also made sure that I was aware of the pro's and con's of each product and she really made sure that I had the best fit for my family. About a year after I had signed on with her - I was hospitalized and went into emergency surgery. Not only did Carmela visit and made sure that I was ok, She also made sure I was aware of the other benefits my medical cover had for me. I felt I was more than just a paying client and I felt that I was looked after. I received my renewal for my medical insurance this year and I was more than happy to renew my policy after the outstanding level of customer service I had received from Carmela. She is most definitely an asset to Futurisk and an amazing person to be on your side when facing extreme difficulties. She made the process easy and the policy comprehensible. I am now looking at transferring all my other insurance policies with her since she had shown me exactly how a policy holder is meant to be looked after!"

Loraine Trinidad Symons - Palmerston North

Being a highly-organised and trained planner, and a very practical person to boot, I made sure I acquired different types of insurance so that I will have peace of mind. I saw how Carmela was hardworking and so driven with her job as a financial advisor and I wanted to boost her sales apart from making sure I got covered in all aspects of my life. Knowing that I just about done this, Carmela offered me the best available plan. She wasn't really after making a few bucks from me but showed real concern so I can experience the best benefits. She was even able to convince my husband to get the same insurance coverage.


Kudos to Carmela, I now look at financial advisors and insurance coverage in a different light. More power!!!


Mayette Cope-Sant - Palmerston North

Testimony of Loisa Reyes

Life is sacred and we must do all our best to keep ourselves healthy and strong. But, even in this day and age of advanced technology and medicine, we still cannot guarantee an eternal life or a life that is free of any health issues. In one form or another, our body will just suddenly contract a disease that is unexpected to us whether it is through our doing or just a freak of nature. 
We see this every day on Facebook. On my timeline, I saw friends, family, relatives, colleagues and classmates in the past and current who suddenly got ill or who suddenly died. And I felt that there is no age, no economic status nor education can save us from neither illness nor death. And I am no different from them. I am just another human who will one day get ill or die. And then I looked at my life and saw my 5 children whom I brought to New Zealand. What will happen to them when I am gone? How are they going to cope in a foreign land all by themselves? That’s when I decided to get a Life insurance.

And then one day, I met Dennis Pimentel, Financial Adviser of Futurisk Insurance through his son Jolo. Dennis advised me that it is also good to have a little bit of help from the insurance while I am alive through the medical condition covered (i.e. progressive care). At least I don’t have to wait to die before I can enjoy the benefits. So that’s when I learned about Sovereign from where I took my Progressive care and Income protection. Then after less than a year of joining Sovereign, a regular smear test changed my life forever. I was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. It was so shocking and unexpected. My life was put on hold. I suddenly stopped working and stopped worrying about bills and everything else around me. All I focused on was to deal with pain and the treatment the Doctors advised me to go through.

I was lucky to have met Dennis and got my Insurance cover because when I got diagnosed with cancer I felt someone has my back covered for my bills and my extended absence from work. I reached out to my medical condition and work protection cover. It was such a relief that there is someone or something that I can lean on in this difficult time of my life. All I can say is thank you to Dennis and Jolo for helping me get my insurance application processed. Insurance is an extra expense but an expense worth spending every dollar for yourself and your family’s future, most especially in times of your need.

Loisa Reyes

Loisa Reyes- Auckland

What an amazing experience with Meenal, Financial Advisor at FUTURISK today. I am still trying to believe that she has made this happen for me within two hours of my visit to the FUTURISK office here in Palmerston North. FUTURISK was recommended to me by a friend, so I took my existing policies from another company into Meenal and asked her to compare prices on an apples – for – apples basis. As of today I will be saving $2,660.00  per year for exactly the same House, Contents and Car Cover, in fact, better Cover. I cannot recommend the service at FUTURISK more highly. Thank you again Meenal and the team at FUTURISK, I will think for you when I am on that overseas holiday I can now afford.  



Geena Wickes - Palmerston North

Business Insurance

When we started our business on the 11th April, 2016, we were looking around for appropriate business insurance covers. We had an opportunity to contact Meenal. Our requests were dealt with in an absolute professional manner and within no time we had covers in place at very competitive premiums. We had a similar experience when we got our first vehicle where our request was handled in an efficient fashion.We will recommend Meenal to any prospective Insurance client going forward.



Grace Island Food Supplies Limited 709 Main Street Palmerston North

We are a couple who believed in Insurance protection, which give us an assurance to a happy and worry-free life.

 When we came to New Zealand in 2006, we looked straight away for a company who will cover both of us as we knew nothing is permanent in this life. We need a security that gives guarantee that our children will be taken care of when something detrimental happen to us.

 We search and applied online to a certain company and were surprised that we both got life coverage straight away without medical requirements.

 When we met Carmela, all queries on our mind regarding life insurance in New Zealand were cleared out.  After an assessment of our old life insurance, sad to say that we were not properly protected which made us worry.

 Thanks to Carmela, with our existing insurance protection right now, our worries were now gone!

 Anytime/ anywhere I met people, I always do recommend Carmela as a credible financial advisor anyone can rely on as she has an admirable heart in service to people.


 Frank & Alicia Pabellon

Palmerston North

Frank & Alicia Pabellon Palmerston North

To whom it may concern

 A shock and bewilderment for our immediate family was the sudden illness of my son Jerald, his ambulance delivery to A&E, his diagnosis of acute myelocytic leukaemia, and how quickly he succumbed to the effects of the illness. We had only a few brief hours at his bedside - together with friends, the church and the Filipino community - before he was gone.

In that brief time of sorrow three things stood out for me. The excellent care, information and understanding provided by the medical staff. The support given by friends, workmates, and community members at a time when emotion predominates and the brain functions at a low ebb. The assistance given to us by people whom we did not have to ask but with understanding and tact helped set up - with minimum input from us - the procedures necessary after Jerald passed away.

 In terms of the latter statement I would like to especially thank Carmela Laylo for her friendship, integrity and commitment in helping us apply for financial assistance for the funeral via the Child's Funeral Benefit component of my policy with Fidelity Life Insurance and Trish Thomsen for organising the funeral grant from Work and Income. We are also indebted to Daniel Thomsen and the Jehovah's Witness Community for arranging and conducting Jerald's funeral service at the Kingdom Hall and thank Lynchway Funeral Directors for their care, concern and personalised service plus the use of the Lynchway catering lounge.


It is with love, appreciation and gratitude that this letter is composed.


Sephora Tolentino Carlos


Sephora Tolentino Carlos - Palmerston North

Recently I had a bad experience with state insurance in regards to a motor vehicle policy. Due to a misunderstanding with them, my policy was cancelled. I thought nothing of this and decided to just get insurance with another company. To my horror I found that due to my policy being cancelled with state they had black listed me and I could no longer get insurance cover with anyone.

Not knowing what to do next I decided to engage the services of futurisk.

I made contact with Jean Mangoma, who unfortunately was on holiday but swiftly organized her colleague, Carmela Laylo to pay me a visit at home the following evening. After discussions with Carmela and explaining the situation, Carmela with a sympathetic and urgent attitude exclaimed they would do their best to get us sorted. She left me with a somewhat relieved mind after nights of worry, knowing someone was there to help. Carmela contacted me the following day and explained that she would hand my case over to Meenal Dutt who was an expert in these insurance matters. Expert she was indeed and within 3 days she had everything sorted out and had us fully covered with all our insurances at the best premium rates available.

 Giving her authority, Meenal went in to bat for me against state. Meenal's determination and know how got it sorted so that we could get cover from other companies. She accomplished what other brokers would deem too hard or impossible to fix.

One month after this, I again engaged the services of Mennal to advise me on insurance I required to start a new business. I being completely new to business, Meenal and colleague Barry Heir gave me professional advice and found the best premium rates available.

I have found my experience with Futurisk and in particular Meenal, Carmela and Jean, Excellent! Their caring attitude, expertise service and advice is outstanding.


Thank you Futurisk!


M Davis


Marcus Davis - Palmerston North

I first contacted Futurisk insurance brokers in early December. I own a Motor Lodge and was reviewing my insurance needs.I was introduced to Meenal and explained what I needed in the way of insurance. Meenal increased my cover and reduced my premiums,which I thought was great .  She came back to me within a week with a proposal that suited my business . At all times she was professional, and most of all sold me exactly what I needed. I would not hesitate to engage her services again when the need arises.

Shaun and Irene  Murphy - Palmerston North

Shaun and Irene Murphy - Palmerston North
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