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  • Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment.
  • Easy Access to Specialist.
  • Access to advanced treatments.
  • No Financial Stress.

Medical Insurance

Protecting your most valuable assetyour health!

Health insurance takes care of the big things like surgical and non-surgical treatment in a private hospital. It also covers consultation with specialists, medications, dressings, rehabilitation and the cost of staying in a private hospital. It may also include the following:

  1. Surgical and Non-Surgical Benefits
  2. Cancer Care
  3. Overseas Treatment
  4. Health Support:
    • Ambulance transfers
    • Home nursing care benefit
    • Physiotherapy
    • Hospice care benefit
    • ACC top up
    • Funeral cover

Additional Options:

Specialist Option:

Provides funds for specialist consultations and diagnostic tests like XRAY, ultrasound or cardiovascular examination.

Dental and Optical Treatment:

Cover for dental examinations and orthodontic treatments. This plan also covers optometrist and optician consultations, prescription glasses, audiometric tests, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, podiatry treatments, and speech therapy.

GP Options:

Provides cover for day to day healthcare costs including GP consultations, GP minor surgeries, pharmaceutical prescriptions, physiotherapy and nurse visits.

Pro-Active Health:

Provides cover for health screening tests, allergy testing and vaccinations, dietician or nutritionist consultations and even gym membership.

Best Doctors:

A worldwide network of doctors offering you and your immediate family access to leading specialists from New Zealand and around the world.

Medical Treatment Facts

  • Currently in New Zealand there is a shortage of senior doctors, a problem that is predicted to result in a shortfall of 670 full-time equivalent senior doctors by 2021.
  • Significant numbers of senior specialist doctors reaching retirement age and lifestyle factors are contributing to the problem
  • Medical emigration to fill demand for specialist doctors internationally is also putting pressure on New Zealand’s supply of specialist doctors in the future.

Why Health Insurance?

  • More choice – you choose how you receive treatment, and with your GP or specialist, you decide when and where.
  • Less waiting – while you wait for treatment your health could be deteriorating . If you’re in pain, waiting can be difficult and emotionally draining.
  • Less worry – people often worry when they are waiting for treatment and so do the people who love and support them. You won’t have to worry about having the money to pay for the best treatment.
  • Protects your income - bad health could result in time off work and lost income for you and/or your dependent family members. If you’re paying for treatment yourself, that’s an additional financial burden
  • Access to leading edge treatments - Health practices and treatments are advancing rapidly. Private Health-Insurance can gain you access to treatments that you may not otherwise be able to afford


There are various excess options to choose from to suit your individual requirements without sacrificing essential benefits

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