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Business Continuity

Protecting your business from disruptions caused by sickness and injury

Most businesses protect their physical assets such as plant and equipment but may not protect human assets that are key to keeping their business running profitably.  Business Continuity Insurance helps your business by providing monthly payments and support should a key person become disabled or unable to work due to ill-health.


No offsets applied. Business Continuity Cover does not have ACC offset.

Waiting periods

The length of time between you becoming disabled and the time when you are eligible to receive a claim payment can vary to suit your personal requirements.  Longer waiting periods can decrease your monthly premiums. We can offer waiting periods from 4 – 13 weeks .

Benefit Payment Periods

You can select the amount of time you receive payments.  Selecting a shorter benefit payments period can decrease your premiums.  We can offer from 6 – 24 month payment periods to suit your circumstances .

Additional Options

Partial Disablement Benefit

Provides additional income if owing to a continuation of the disability, you are working less than 20 hours per week and have been totally disabled for a period of at least two weeks.

Peak Season Benefit

If you are on claim, during the pre-nominated three-month peak season period, you receive an additional 25% of the monthly benefit.

Business Income Support

Should you suffer a serious accident or critical illness and are unable to work long term, you will need cover additional to the Business Continuity Benefit. This cover can provide additional cover benefits and financial support to age 65.

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