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Billig Marzan

Financial Advisor


icon-phone.gif   09 281 5649
icon-mobile.gif   021 169 4121
icon-address.gif   PO Box 5252, Palmerston North 4441

My name is Billig Marzan a Psychology student of "The University of Auckland", 

I am new in the business however I am surrounded with the best people in the business. My aim for my clients is to be at ease and have peaceful mind knowing that today, tomorrow and together we will both build an insurance plan that will ensure that them and their family are insured and protected. 

 I have a wide range of customer service experience while working at Auckland International Airport, providing excellent customer service to a wide range of culture from across the globe and showing them the very best customer service.

 I am a very outgoing person, people friendly and can get along with anyone. I am focused on helping the people in need and ensuring that their needs and wants are safeguarded. I firmly believe that everyone has the right to have a peaceful mind knowing that they are protected from future events that may occur to them or to their family. 

It's my privilege to discuss the best and excellent protection for you and for your family. I am here to help and build a stronger safety net for your family rather than just selling a service