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ACC & You

Cover Plus or Cover Plus Extra? 

ACC provides an injury cover for everyone in New Zealand, no matter where the injury occurs. Most self employed business owners are automatically put onto Cover Plus, however this may not be the ideal plan for you.

Let Futurisk Insurance introduce you to Cover Plus Extra. Cover Plus is not guaranteed, it pays only 80% of your gross income. However if you have staff out working and generating income for you while you are unable to work, ACC may not pay you. Cover Plus Extra will pay the agreed sum no matter what your earnings were in the previous 12 months, prior to you being unable to work. Cover Plus Extra even pays if your staff continue to work and generate an income for your business.

Our accredited Financial Advisors will work with you to work out the best possible combination of ACC and Insurance Protection cover, and quite often we can reduce your ACC levies. We make sure you have an affordable plan, with a mix of ACC and Income Protection and still save money on your previous Cover Plus levies.

ACC & You

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